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Herringbone Flooring: Adding a Touch of Refinement to Your Home

If you’re looking for a stylish and unique flooring option for your home, herringbone flooring may be just what you need. This distinctive flooring style gets its name from the zigzagging pattern of rectangular floorboards, which resembles the bones of a herring fish.

Herringbone flooring is available in a variety of materials, including hardwood, engineered wood, laminates, and LVT. You can choose from glue down or floating options depending on your preferences. The different materials and installation methods offer a range of pricing options, so you can find something that suits your budget.

herringbone flooring

A Stylish Flooring Solution

One of the great things about herringbone flooring is the visual effect it can have on a space. The zigzagging pattern creates arrows on the floor, which produces the look of movement. This can make a room feel bigger, adding a sense of depth and dimension.

Herringbone flooring also adds a touch of luxury and refinement to any space. The pattern is extremely common in Europe, particularly in France, where it has been used for over 400 years. If you want to add a touch of French style to your room, herringbone flooring is an ideal option.

Strong and Versatile

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, herringbone flooring is also renowned for its strength and durability. Parquet flooring, in general, is robust and long-lasting, and the herringbone pattern is particularly strong. With proper finishing and care, herringbone floors can last for generations.

Another benefit of herringbone flooring is its versatility. It suits any style of home and decor, from traditional to contemporary. Different sizes and colours are available, so you can choose a look that complements your space.

Maintenance of herringbone flooring is relatively easy. Regular cleaning and maintenance can keep the floors looking great for years to come. It’s important to keep the floors free of dirt and debris, and to use cleaning products that are safe for the particular type of flooring you have – simply ask our team for our expert advice.

In conclusion, herringbone flooring is a versatile and stylish option for any home. Whether you’re looking for a touch of French refinement or a unique flooring style, herringbone flooring offers a range of options for any space.

If you’re interested in purchasing herringbone flooring, Seaside Interiors is your local flooring expert that can help you find the perfect option for your home.