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The Micro Cassette Roller Blind System- The Universal System For Your Home

The micro cassette blind system is the most popular version of the perfect fit blind, and for a good reason. The micro cassette system is suitable for tilt-and-turn windows, patio doors, and small kitchen and bathroom windows. The system is easy to install and maintain and can be motorised or manual.

At Seaside Interiors, we have found many homeowners prefer the micro cassette system over traditional blind pulley systems. They provide additional safety for children and more privacy within the home.

Easy installation for the perfect fit:

The micro cassette system can be fixed to the head of your window frame with small screws or adhesive tape. This goes for the side rail mount, also.

This fixed position ensures the blind is fixed away from your windows, avoiding damage, scratches, or marks on your glass or frame.

The design means they can be installed on all manner of small windows and frames throughout your home. They are particularly popular in attic spaces where the side mount prevents dangling cables or fabric.

A popular system throughout your home:

The micro cassette system is both durable and affordable. Once installed, it is very rare that you will have an issue with your system.

The universal cassette blind system has been incorporated into the most sophisticated and simple home décor plans.

You will find micro cassette systems in almost every interior design magazine and blog post, meaning there is a good chance you will choose this easy-to-use design yourself.

A key factor in their popularity is their versatility on almost all window and door types. They are ideal for interior opening doors and tilt and turn windows.

The framing system protects the fabric from swinging and flapping, unlike traditional blind systems.

Finally, they can be installed as a manual or motorised option, which is particularly popular for day and night blinds and blackout blinds, especially in larger living rooms and kitchen window areas.

Cassette blinds are not just for your home:

While Seaside Interiors focus on the interior décor and design of your home, you will find cassette blinds in a number of unique locations.

They are perfectly suitable for boats and caravans; the compact size and reliable spring mechanism make them a popular choice for transport vehicles.

The available child safety clip mechanism also makes them a popular choice for children’s rooms and play areas. But what about your home?

Micro Cassette Blinds in your home:

Floor-to-ceiling windows:

If you are seeking day and night blinds or blackout blinds, the micro cassette system is perfect for your living room and bedroom.

Seaside Interiors can provide a variety of material and colour options that will be suitable for added privacy and use.
You may also choose to install a motorised system for added comfort.


The compact nature of the cassette blinds system means they can be installed on smaller windows in your home, most notably your bathroom. This provides added privacy.

White fabric or polyester, which prevents a large escape of light, is always a good choice.

Attic Space:

Attic space with tilted windows is where you will most often see micro cassette blinds. These systems prevent dangling or low-hanging fabric. The cassette system provides safety for children and privacy for game rooms, play areas, and bedrooms.


The micro cassette system is extremely versatile, can be adapted to and added to a variety of window and door systems, and is a perfect choice for your home or office.

If you are interested in seeing the variety of systems, colours, and options available, get in touch with the Seaside Interiors team today.