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LVT Flooring – Modern Flooring for Modern Homes

LVT Flooring is a modern, durable option that combines the traditional look of wooden flooring with modern manufacturing. Arbiton is one of our trusted suppliers here at Seaside Interiors.

Arbiton produces high-quality LVT flooring, while Seaside Interiors provides quality fitting and installation services on a wide variety of flooring.

When you choose LVT flooring for your home or office, Seaside Interiors and Arbiton LVT form a perfect combination.

LVT is the perfect indoor flooring option:

LVT flooring is an ideal option for all your indoor flooring. Whether you choose an open kitchen plan or want multiple flooring options, LVT is both durable and long-lasting. LVT flooring is designed to be long-lasting and for use in the busiest parts of your home.

Arbiton uses a specialized HD Mineral Core® solution to keep your floor solid and beautiful for years. It is why we chose them as our trusted LVT supplier.

LVT Flooring in modern home


Arbiton has used an innovative combination of natural rock minerals and advanced polymers to create their HD MINERAL CORE® flooring. They believe in their technology so much that they guarantee their flooring for up to 20 years. We are proud of the durability and quality, and we are happy to offer Arbiton here at Seaside Interiors.

LVT should be sustainable, long-lasting, and still provide the natural look and feel that all homeowners desire. That is what Arbiton provides.

Why you should choose Arbiton:

  • Arbiton’s quality and history make them a leading LVT flooring provider.
  • LVT flooring is both beautiful and practical. It provides homes with a natural-looking finish, with the added benefit of vinyl’s soft touch and noise reduction.
  • Arbitons real wood structure: Arbitons floor designs are inspired by the real world. Their flooring options are perfect for every room in your home, and there is a wide selection to choose from.
  • The soft-touch finish: LVT floorings soft touch finish is perfect for children and heavy use. Enjoy the smooth, mat-finished flooring with the best representation of natural wood.
  • Arbiton offers wide board options: The widest board offered by Arbiton Is 229 mm, wider than many on the market. Ask the Seaside Interiors team for availability.
  • Quietness: One main advantage of LVT is the noise reduction it provides. LVT flooring by design is a natural sound absorber.. Enjoy the natural look of wood, but with quietness and comfort.

The Practicality of LVT:

All homes need beauty and practicality. Arbiton and the Seaside Interior provide this to you.
Waterproof Flooring: Arbitron floors are 100% waterproof. Their specialized manufacturing and flooring protection prevent water damage. The manufacturing and design of Arbiton floors make them an ideal option for every room in your home.

Underfloor Heating: Underfloor heating is made easier with Arbiton. LVT is the ideal choice for modern homes. Underfloor heating has many benefits, including increased home space and equal heating throughout your rooms.
Arbiton LVT flooring has reduced thermal resistance, making it the perfect choice for modern homes that utilize underfloor heating.

LVT is durable and long-lasting: Arbiton flooring is twice as strong as average LVT locking systems. Their improved design, coupled with the expert installation experience of Seaside Interiors, means your floors are more durable and come with a more robust locking system thanks to Arbiton’s HD Mineral Core®.


If you are looking for a modern, durable floor that carries the beauty of traditional wood flooring, then LVT is the right choice.

Arbiton’s manufacturing and quality design are meant to be long-lasting, and Seaside Interiors provides professional quality installation and advice to all our customers.

Get in touch today for any questions regarding LVT, Arbiton, and Seaside Interiors.